Hi! I’m Kai, and this is my blog. I’m interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and classical cybersecurity.

More specifically: Can we use LLMs for anything useful safely? To this end, I’m doing independent research, the results of which are published here.

If you want to support my research or hire me for a freelance project, don’t hesitate to reach out at [your-name {at} kai-greshake.de].

My work has been featured by Bruce Schneier, Vice, Wired, ZEIT Online (de), MIT Technology Review, The Hill and Heise (de) among others.

I’m currently also a grad student at Saarland University. Before going back to university to pursue my Master’s I was working as a redteamer and penetration tester for industrial systems and critical infrastructure (now only doing that part-time at sequire technology).

Best CVE I’ve found while pentesting: CVE-2019-18374: 9.4 Severity/ Symantec Critical Systems Protection.

About the website

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